All modes of mass public transport face the same challenge of infection control. Large numbers of potentially infected passengers in a confined space represents a high risk situation for all concerned.

In the wake of a serious outbreak of infection, the reputation of the carrier is at stake. This is particularly true where travellers remain in the same transport vehicle for longer than a few days. Touring coaches, river cruises and ocean cruises are cases in point. Operators of these modes of transport have a moral and legal obligation to reduce risks to their passengers. An even greater imperative is the adverse publicity which inevitably results when passengers in their care become ill as a result of a serious outbreak.

Transport systems present some inherent difficulties to the introduction of effective infection prevention systems. The very fact that vehicles are away from their depots for long periods does not help the implementation of systematic sterilisation. Similarly, crew members maybe unwilling or unable to double as infection protection technicians. The fact that travellers are ever present provides little opportunity to put effective counter infection measures in place.

Ambulance fleets presents a whole range of other problems. They are often occupied by highly infected people. The pattern of use and location of the vehicle can be irregular making routine sanitisation difficult.

Viroklenz has addressed all these problems and provides a flexible, effective and low cost solution to these problems.

Associated Applications: Touring coaches, cruise liners, ambulances, bus services.

The Service

Viroklenz offers a flexible and responsive service to coach tour operators, bus service operators, cruise fleets and ambulance services.

The service is based on regular deep sterilisation of vehicles using a unique Viroklenz biocidal formulation. This is backed up, where appropriate, by the systematic use of Viroklenz  biocidal cleansers on internal furnishings and floors.

The exact service to be provided by Viroklenz has to be developed in co-operation with the owner. This is because its effectiveness is highly dependent on the routines adopted by the business in question.

For example, a touring coach operator may adopt a regime including:

Bio-fogging each coach internally at regular intervals e.g. weekly

Bio-fogging each vehicle before it embarks on any tour in excess of three days duration

Cleaning of internal surfaces using the unique Viroklenz dual biocide system, at whatever intervals can be managed depending on the intensity of use os the vehicle and its availability in depot.

Invariably, Viroklenz is involved in either:

  • Providing technicians, equipment and biocidal cleansers to undertake the sterilisation


  • Providing equipment, training and bulk quarterly Viroklenz sanitising fluids sufficient for the owner's own staff to undertake the counter infection programme.

In either case, the biocidal cleansers and fogging fluids are provided by Viroklenz in bulk quantity concentrate form. Simple, robust and reliable dispensers are also provided to facilitate the filling of suitable trigger sprays and dispenser bottles in a safe and fool proof manner. This is essential to keep the cost of the service down.

In short, in the transport sector, the service to an operator is almost always custom designed to meet the circumstances of the operator.

Viroklenz, has the expertise to advise the owner how to install an effective infection protection regime which meets his needs. This expertise can be harnessed to prevent and control infectious outbreak in

  • Cruise ships
  • Touring coaches
  • Bus services
  • Ambulance fleets

Bio-fogging is a safe and well proven technique. It reaches all parts of a vehicle including areas of difficult accessibility e.g. under seats, baggage rack etc. It is entirely non-wetting and leaves no after effects other than a general perception of 'freshness' of the atmosphere. It is particularly effective on soft surfaces e.g. curtains, carpets and upholstery. Vehicle interiors are fogged when empty of passengers and crew but can be re-entered within 45 minutes of fogging.

Ambulance services

A good example of the 'custom design' approach is the Viroklenz infection protection service in fleets of ambulances and emergency vehicles.

Following detailed discussions with senior officers, Viroklenz came up with a comprehensive package which included

  • Provision of mini fogging machines suitable for use in vehicles. The machines work on the 'one fogging - one ampule' basis.
  • Initial supply of Viroklenz fogging agent ampoules
  • Viroklenz AS16 air sanitisers (battery operated) mounted in each ambulance in the fleet.
  • A supply of Viroklenz QA4 and CD4 biocidal cleansers to each vehicle to be used in response to any significant soiling or spill incident.
  • Full training of ambulance staff in the use of bio-foggers and trigger sprays.

Viroklenz offers the most comprehensive and flexible service to any transport application

COMING SOON - Viroklenz has been working on the development of air sanitisation in an air conditioning concept suitable for recirculation systems in aeroplanes and trains


Commercial Points

  • No capital outlay
  • Equal monthly payments
  • Service agreements are from 6 months


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