Viroklenz offers unrivalled experience and expertise when it comes to protecting its customers' businesses from the outbreak and spread of infections like Influenza, Meningitis, MRSA, C.difficile, Norovirus and Ecoli to name just a few.

The knowledge we have on how infectious pathogens spread has allowed us to develop a system that cleanses all hard surfaces, soft fabrics and the air within your business premises. This is the most comprehensive infection control system on the market today.

We highlight a few representative examples of case studies and testimonials from our wealth of customers below.

Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Nursery

A prominent nursery, with 103 child places and an 'Outstanding' Ofsted grade, wanted to reassure parents and carers that the nursery was doing all that they could to prevent 'cross infection' within the nursery and to reduce the rate of staff absence due to sickness. The nursery managers wanted to be proactive in exercising their 'Duty of Care' to each child and they also wanted something to compliment and greatly improve their high level of hygiene.

We at Viroklenz agreed to install our air sanitising machines throughout the nursery, supply our dual biocides and 'bio-fog' the premises. Each month a Viroklenz technician attends the nursery to carry out a service visit. This involves changing the active elements in the air sanitising machines, issuing a further supply of biocides and re-fogging the premises.

Nursery staff are delighted with the service and very proud to have the Viroklenz infection protection system in their nursery. They have been able to send a very reassuring letter out to all the parents and carers explaining the system and how it will help to protect their loved ones.

Case Study 2 - Care Home Group

A Care Home group with 4 prestigious homes approached us about their infection control needs. Although they have a very high standard of hygiene they wanted a system that would greatly enhance and compliment their current cleaning/infection control regimes as well as providing a regular deep clean of their premises.

Viroklenz provides the 4 care homes with a plentiful supply of our dual biocidal cleansers. We have installed a range of Viroklenz air sanitising machines throughout the homes and attend every month to replenish the biocides, service the air sanitising machines and bio-fog when appropriate.

The owners are extremely pleased and have noticed a significant difference to the overall freshness of the premises. The biocides are proving very effective and they have complete piece of mind that the fogging is not only sterilising every hard surface including shelving, cupboard doors, light fittings and the air but also all the soft furnishings like the curtains and cushions.

Case Study 3 - Cafe

The owner of a busy cafe in the Blackpool area felt he needed to do more to ensure that his premises had the highest standard of cleanliness and in doing so reduce any risks of infection to his customers. He wanted to be able to display a very thorough and regular cleaning regime to the Environmental Health Inspectors.

Viroklenz installed an air sanitising machine which not only continually cleanses the air to be free of airborne pathogens but also removes particulates and airborne allergens. We provide them with our dual biocides and 'bio-fog' their premises on a monthly basis. Each month when our technician attends to 're-fog' the premises he restocks the biocide supply.

The cafe owner is delighted with the whole service. Not only is he very happy with the dual biocide system and the air sanitising machine he feels the 'fogging' freshens his entire premises and cleanses the furnishings to a very high standard.


"We realise that we can't stop children from being ill but we can try our best to reduce the exposure to infection of children in our care. Although there is a cost, we feel we must do the best we can to give that protection to the children, their parents' livelihoods and to our staff.

Viroklenz provides a regular service to our nursery that ensures our environment is clean and safe from airborne bacteria. Environmentally we know the products are biodegradable and Viroklenz leaves no waste behind when servicing the nursery. They even take all the plastic bottles back to recycle."
Toppers Day Nursery
Angus and Annalene Maclean


"I showed our nursery toilets to a prospective customer whose child was already in another nursery. She couldn't believe the difference in cleanliness and smell and commented that there was no smell of urine. We believe that this is due to the Viroklenz protection we have in place.

As owners we are willing to spend money wisely to invest in the Viroklenz infection protection programme. It shows our staff that we wish to protect their health and well being whilst at work. This is a great benefit to our staff that now have confidence in Viroklenz and it's a great boost for staff moral."
Moss Side Children's Nursery
Susan Fleming


"Initially we installed the Viroklenz service in one of our homes intending to run with it for a trial period. However, our staff reported an immediate improvement to the freshness of the whole premises. We were also impressed by the comprehensive range of the service which is aimed at tackling several different mechanisms of spread of infection. We therefore took the decision to install the Viroklenz service in all the homes in our group"
John Fisher, Chairman
Fisher Partnership Group of Care Homes


"The main benefit to our business is that the Viroklenz service is a systematic routine with continuous air sanitisation and surface disinfection. It is now very easy for us to demonstrate to any inspector that we have an effective sanitising regime in place."
Peter McGeachy
Owner Cafe Latte, Blackpool



For your complete peace of mind as a Viroklenz customer you get free emergency call out 24/7 in the unlikely event of any outbreak of infection.

Installation and fogging can be done in silent hours if you prefer, avoiding any disruption to your normal routine

Our technicians do everything, leaving your staff to get on with what they do best

The Viroklenz Dual Biocide System

Effective against Influenza, MRSA, C.difficile, Norovirus, H5N1 Bird flu, Meningitis and a whole host of other pathogens.

The Viroklenz sanitisation system is based on the use of two different biocide blends used in rotation.

Both biocides are highly effective broad spectrum killers of pathogens. Their use in rotation is designed to prevent the build up of resistant strains of micro organisms.

Bio-fogging with Viroklenz biocide blends

Bio-fogging by Viroklenz technicians is carried out in your environment regularly throughout the period of your service agreement. The fogging process is a well established safe technique which thoroughly sterilises your entire premises.

Electrostatic Sanitising and Disinfection

Electrostatic disinfection is the latest technology in the fight against bacteria. Viroklenz technicians can perform the Electrostatic disinfection in your environment, regularly throughout the period of your service agreement. This is cutting edge technology that has been designed to disinfect large and hard to reach surfaces/areas.

Viroklenz Air Sanitising Machines

The machines are highly effectivein sanitising the air, eliminating odour and removing dust and allergens. They are based on well proven, safe technology and are your first line of defence against the spread of airborne infection.