Play Centres face a unique set of challenges

  • High density occupancy by children engaged in constant frenetic activity raising huge quantities of dust
  • A continuous turnover of visitors both children and adults
  • Social and dining areas for attendant parents in close juxtaposition to the activity area
  • Heavily used equipment which presents a mixture of hard and soft surfaces and is difficult to clean

There is a continuous and pressing need to maintain a clean and fresh atmosphere giving particularly parents a perception of a well maintained establishment in which their childrens' welfare is being protected.

Many Play Centres we have encountered operate an almost continuous cleaning regime applied to play areas, catering areas kitchens and toilets.

To achieve this constant state of cleanliness, a comprehensive sanitising regime is needed which must have the following characteristics

  • Ample supply of safe but effective biocidal cleansers
  • Continuous air sanitation in the kitchen and toilet areas
  • Odour elimination in the toilet areas

Regular deep sterilisation of all play equipment. This needs to be effective on both soft and hard surfaces and must be capable of delivery with sufficient force to dislodge dust from those often very convoluted and difficult to clean items of equipment.

Associated Applications: Day nurseries, Crèches, Infant and Primary schools

The Service

The key feature of the Viroklenz infection protection service to Play Centres are:

  • Regular bio-fogging of the whole play equipment assembly including soft fabrics
  • Systematic and frequent use of the Viroklenz biocides  particularly in the cafeteria and toilet areas.

Bio-fogging is the only technique which will both sterilise and clean the convoluted structures in densely packed play areas. It is a well proven technique undertaken in silent hours to avoid disruption to your business.

In view of the need for very frequent cleaning of equipment and surfaces, the Viroklenz  biocidal cleansers are generally supplies in bulk in concentrated form. The service includes the provision of a purpose designed dispenser and to minimise the cost of the biocides themselves.

The Viroklenz system is the most effective available and results in improved perception of cleanliness and freshness by both children and parents making a visit to your centre much more pleasurable.

In summary the service consists of:

  • Initial bio-fogging of the whole premises including play equipment and toilet areas
  • Systematic use of our unique biocidal cleansers
  • Service visits at monthly intervals to bio-fog the whole premises and top up your supply of biocides
  • The installation and maintenance of a robust and fool proof dispenser for biocides
  • Provision of a supply of trigger spray applicators for surface cleaning
  • Full training of your cleaning staff in the use of the biocides
  • Full record keeping
  • The display of magnum size posters assuring your parent clients of the protection afforded to the children by the Viroklenz regime.

Commercial Points

  • No capital outlay
  • Equal monthly payments
  • Service agreements are from 6 months


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