The demand for a cleaner safer environment in the food service and catering industries has never been higher. In the last year, restaurants received 44% of all written warnings issued by local authorities in relation to standard of hygiene.

Owners need to demonstrate that they are taking all reasonable steps to protect their customers from food related infections. This can only be done by installing an effective sanitisation programme to prevent cross contamination and the spread of infection.

Any such programme must meet and overcome the following challenges:

  • To cope with incidence of mass infection i.e. the superbug effects which gain headline publicity and can result in prolonged shut down (e.g. Norwalk Virus, E.coli and Salmonella etc).
  • To overcome the threat posed by the myriad of common bacteria, viruses, moulds and spores.
  • To improve the shelf life of food stuffs.
  • To minimise wastage and maximise operational efficiency.
  • To sanitise the atmosphere as well as surfaces such worktops and food preparation boards.
  • To eliminate insects as agents of spread of contamination.

To be effective, a balanced programme must be deployed in a carefully planned regime including the use of safe but highly potent biocidal cleansers, continuous air sanitisation and insect entrapment plus periodic deep sterilisation of the entire premises by bio fogging.

Associated Applications: Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Hotels, Food preperation services, Food storage units and Fast food takeaways.

The Service

For a cafe, restaurant or fast food outlet it is vital for the owner to be able to demonstrate to the Environmental Health officials that the highest standards of protection against infectious outbreak are being implemented.

Under a typical cafe service agreement, Viroklenz technicians attend at monthly intervals to

  • Deep sterilise the whole premises using the Viroklenz bio-fogging technique.
  • Provide further supplies of Viroklenz dual biocidal cleansers sufficient for one months further usage.
  • Change the filters and active elements in the Viroklenz air sanitising machines.

In the catering context, the air sanitisers provided by Viroklenz always include one or more of our patented KS36 'Kitchen Safe' machines. These purpose designed wall mounted machines serve the dual purpose of continually sanitising the air, attracting and entrapping insects. The elimination of insects in these machines is by 'entrapment' rather than the commonly adopted 'zap' technique which simply scatters pathogen laden debris into the atmosphere.

The monthly deep sterilisation of your premises by bio-fogging is a well established technique which is perfectly safe. However, to prevent any disruption to your operation, our technicians always attend by arrangement in closed hours. Bio-fogging only takes a few minutes and the whole service visit, including changing the active elements in the 'Kitchen Safe' air sanitising machines and providing a further monthly 'top up' supply of Viroklenz biocidal cleansers, usually takes less than half an hour.

Record keeping is a vital element of all this. Viroklenz provides a bound service record book which is signed by our visiting technicians and countersigned by your manager in confirmation that the service has been thoroughly completed. Such records are important when demonstrating to any visiting inspector that an advanced and highly effective infection protection service is in place.

Our technicians give full training to your staff in the use of the Viroklenz dual biocidal cleansers. These are supplied in convenient ready to use trigger sprays and dispenser bottles. The biocides are used in rotation to help prevent the build up of immunity in bacteria and viruses. For example for a cafe in busy season open seven days per week, we recommend six days usage of our QA biocide and one day of our CD biocide. This very simple approach makes things easy for your cleaning staff.

COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND - in the unlikely event of an infectious outbreak, our technicians will attend on an emergency call out basis to carry out the necessary infection control procedure to ensure containment of the outbreak. As a Viroklenz client, this emergency response incurs no additional cost but is free to you within your service agreement price.

Commercial Points

No capital outlay

Equal monthly payments

Service agreements are from 6 months

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