By their very nature, the hospitality and leisure industries have a high level of influx of guests, clients and customers. This, together with the inevitable close proximity within the premises leads to a very high risk of cross infection and the possibility of a serious infectious outbreak.
The hospitality and leisure sectors face unique challenges including

Constant turnover of incoming guests and clients

A busy hotel can have hundreds of guests and visitors in a single day. Entertainment and conference centres can attract literally thousands, each visitor bringing the risk of infection.

High density of occupation of rooms

Hotel lounges, bars, dining areas, changing rooms and auditoria are all places where humans are en masse within relatively small confines.

Wide variety of activities

A single leisure industry enterprise can encompass a wide variety of activities, for example staff quarters, food preparation and storage areas, changing rooms, public toilets etc. All of these bring their own specific vulnerability to the spread of infection.

Areas of enhanced risk

Fitness centre exercise and changing rooms, children's play facilities, large auditoria and concert halls are among the areas at highest risk of infection spread.

Reputation is all

A serious outbreak of infection and the attendant adverse publicity can be potentially ruinous to a business which is heavily dependant on good reputation.
Staff absence due to illness is hugely costly to a leisure operation. For this reason alone, it is vital that you take all necessary steps to protect them.

Associated Applications: Hotels, Motels, Gymnasia, Leisure Centres, Bars, Casinos, Bingo halls, Theatres, Fitness centres, Conference facilities.

The Service

The Viroklenz sanitising regime operates continuously to protect your staff and customers resulting in:

  • Reduced staff absence due to sickness
  • A healthy staff with boosted morale and efficiency
  • Huge reductions in airborne and surface tactile transmission of pathogens
  • A 'fresher' atmosphere for your clients and staff to enjoy.

The Viroklenz service is tailored specifically to meet the needs of your industry. Our continuous air sanitisation and surface protection regimes are Omni present, silent and unobtrusive. It is serviced by Viroklenz technicians in silent hours to avoid any disruption to your business.


  • Initial bio-fogging of the whole premises to kill all viruses and bacteria.
  • Continuous air sanitisation in rooms with new patented technology.
  • On-going supply of Viroklenz biocidal cleansers.
  • Training of cleaning staff in the use of Viroklenz biocides.
  • Service visits at regular intervals to change the Biocidal filters in our air sanitising machines and re-fog the premises.

Commercial Points

  • No capital outlay
  • Equal monthly payments
  • Service agreements are from 6 months


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