Community health centres, doctor's surgeries, retail pharmacies and other institutions for treating the sick all share one thing in common. That is the constant attendance by people carrying infections and whose vulnerability to cross infection is higher than normal.

Such premises inevitably exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Above average presence of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungal spores including Influenza, E-coli etc.
  • High levels of airborne and surface infection levels.
  • High level of air pollutants including odours, dust and allergens
  • Health of staff frequently affected with resulting low level of morale and efficiency
  • Significant loss of time due to staff sickness

Serious disruption and a high cost burden are incurred as a result of the above, especially in winter months.

To have any chance of combating these effects, a sanitisation regime must be introduced capable of delivering periodic deep sterilisation backed up by surface active and long lasting biocidal cleansers and continuous air sanitisation.

Associated Applications: Health Centres, doctors' surgeries, dentist surgeries, private hospitals, hospices, retail pharmacies, veterinary surgeries.

The Service

Viroklenz technicians make a careful assessment of your premises to establish the pattern of occupancy and points of congregation of patients or customers.

The Viroklenz service includes three main elements viz:

  • Initial deep sterilisation of the entire premises by bio-fogging.
  • Ongoing maintenance of sterility on surfaces and floors using the Viroklenz  biocidal cleansers.
  • Continuous sanitisation of the atmosphere by recirculation of air through strategically placed Viroklenz patented air sanitising machines.

The Viroklenz air sanitising machines operate at various ratings to match differing room sizes. Typically in a Health Centre, our larger machines would be installed in the general waiting areas and our medium machines in each of the surgeries. Smaller, battery operated versions are available to be deployed in treatment rooms and WC's. In kitchen areas we install the KS36 'Kitchen Safe' wall mounted machine which is specifically designed for kitchen and dining area use.

The installation of these machines is undertaken by our technicians in silent hours thus avoiding any disruption to your operation.

At the time of installation, Viroklenz technicians provide full training to your staff in the use of the Viroklenz  biocidal cleansers. This does not impose any more work on your employees or contractors. It is simply replacement of your existing cleaning routine with the Viroklenz regime. The biocidal cleansers are supplied in convenient ready to use trigger sprays for surface cleaning and in dispenser bottles for floor swabbing where this is appropriate. 

Bio-fogging is a well proven and perfectly safe technique. It reaches all corners of your premises, even the most inaccessible. It is particularly effective in sterilising soft surfaces including carpets, cushions and upholstery.

In summary the Viroklenz service includes:

  • Initial deep sterilisation of the premises by bio-fogging
  • Installation of appropriate Viroklenz air sanitisers
  • Initial supply of biocidal cleansers sufficient for 1 month
  • Training of your cleaning staff

Thereafter, at monthly intervals our technicians attend to re-fog the entire premises, replace the active elements in our air sanitisers and provide a further supply of biocidal cleansers to top up to the original 1 month supply level.

Record keeping is an important means of demonstrating that a systematic sanitisation regime is in place. We provide a bound record book which is signed by our visiting technician and countersigned by your manager at each monthly visit.

Commercial Points

  • No capital outlay
  • Equal monthly payments
  • Service agreements are from 6 months


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