It is well known in the industry that the whole process of handling, storing, embalming, restoration and display of cadavers inevitably exposes funeral directors and their staff to a whole range of infectious pathogens. More recently there has been a growing recognition that a major route of exposure is via airborne particles in the form of aerosols (droplet infection particles) or dried particles derived from such droplets. Airborne agents of this nature can originate during the routine draining of body fluids, the common practice of emptying drained fluids down sluices and the frothing at orifices which may occur when air and gases are displaced by body movement. Until now there has been no effective process of combating the transmission of these airborne pathogens.

The HSA released a document 'Controlling the Risk of Infection for Funeral Directors' and they had the following to say:

In England infection still accounts for 70 000 deaths each year. You should also be aware that although infection may not have been the cause of death (as officially recorded), individuals may have either had an infectious illness at the time of death or else has been infected without showing any obvious signs or symptoms.

The process of infection can be represented as a chain

Source - Transmission - Host

Breaking a link in the chain at any point will control the risk of infection. When you identify the hazard, you need to find out about the links in the chain to help you identify the best way to break the chain and so control the risk.

There are four main sources of infection that you need to consider when dealing with human remains:

Blood and other body fluids (for example saliva, pleural fluids)

Waste products, such as faeces and urine

Aerosols of infectious material, such as might be released when opening the body

Skin, direct contact.


In a funeral parlour the most common routes for transmission of infection are:

  • Putting contaminated hands and fingers (or pens etc) into the mouth, nose or eyes
  • Breathing in small infectious droplets (aerosols) from the air

The Service

The Viroklenz service offers new levels of protection to your staff and visitors in funeral service operations.

The Viroklenz system is based on air sanitising filtration machines which eliminate harmful airborne bacteria and viruses. The unique technology within the machines kills pathogens on contact including MRSA, HIV, C.difficile, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Polio, Influenza and a host of others.

The air sanitising units come in three sizes giving enough flexibility to match any embalming room or viewing room layout. The units can be free standing or wall mounted without any disruption to your operation. Once installed the units are serviced and replenished by our technical support team which provides a service programme tailored to your particular needs. This includes the periodic (usually monthly) replacement of the active biocidal elements within the machines.

The system is safe and has been fully approved and tested.

Before installation, our technicians thoroughly sanitise the premises by a system of high velocity bio-fogging. This process is repeated each time our technical team renews the machine filter cartridges normally at intervals of 1 month.

In support of our protective air sanitisation system we also supply potent trigger sprays, dispenser bottles and wipes containing our unique dual biocide formulations. These can be used in rotation by your cleaning staff to keep surfaces clean and clear of infection. Full training is given to your cleaning staff.

These products are ideal for use in: Embalming rooms, wash down areas, viewing rooms, chapels of rest, dining rooms, kitchens and toilets.

You will receive the Viroklenz wall mounted confirmation certificate giving you, your staff and visitors the reassurance and peace of mind that you have taken the fullest possible measures to safeguard their health.

Commercial Points

  • No capital outlay
  • Equal monthly payments
  • Service agreements are from 6 months


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