The air quality in your building is a vital factor in keeping your staff happy, healthy and above all at work!
Staff absence through sickness is a significant cost and mainly arises from:

  • Circulation of airborne pathogens and transmission from person to person
  • Tactile transmission on the surface of desks, telephones, keyboards and door handles etc.

These effects are magnified wherever staff are closely grouped together for example in large open plan offices, call centres, commercial outlets and superstores etc.
The Viroklenz commercial sanitisation service works continuously to reduce the general level of infection in your workplace resulting in:

  • Less loss of time due to staff sickness
  • Reduction in airborne and surface infection levels
  • Elimination of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungal spores including Influenza, E-coli etc
  • A healthier staff in general with higher morale and efficiency
  • Reduction of air pollutants including odours, dust and allergens

The Viroklenz service is omnipresent, silent and unobtrusive. It is serviced by Viroklenz technicians in silent hours to prevent disruption to your operation.

Associated Applications: offices, commercial buildings, retail outlets, industrial premises, warehousing, design offices and call centres.

The Service

The Viroklenz service is aimed at the reduction of staff absence through sickness and the maintenance of a fresh and healthier atmosphere for your staff to enjoy.

The service is based on four key provisions - viz

  • The regular sterilisation of the whole premises by high velocity bio-fogging using Viroklenz unique biocidal formulations.
  • The adoption of regular hand and surface cleansing in the immediate locality of any given individual by the use of Viroklenz alcohol free micro spray
  • The systematic use of Viroklenz  biocide cleansers on all hard surfaces including telephones, keyboards, and door handles etc.
  • The deployment of Viroklenz patented air sanitising machines both wall mounted in certain selected areas of staff congregation (e.g. dining areas, rest rooms etc) and locally on desks protecting an individuals immediate space.

The Viroklenz service is delivered at monthly intervals by our staff. To avoid disruption to your business, the service visits are invariably carried out in the early evening or at weekends by arrangement with your local management.

At each visit the Viroklenz technicians undertake

  • Total bio-fogging of the whole premises
  • Rapid surface wipe of all desk tops, phones, keyboards and other points of high transmission risk such as door handles, door pushes etc.
  • Replacement of the active elements in the Viroklenz air sanitising machines. Where these are battery operated i.e. in our smaller machines usually deployed in toilet areas and washrooms, the batteries are renewed.
  • Delivery to your janitorial staff of a further monthly supply of biocidal cleansers.

To keep costs down these are delivered in the commercial quantities in concentrate form, usually in 20 litre polythene containers. A simple, well proven and robust dispenser unit is also supplied and installed to permit safe and fool proof dilution of biocidal cleaning fluid into the Viroklenz trigger sprays, dispenser bottles and micro sprays. Full training is given to your janitorial staff in these simple and safe techniques.

The Viroklenz service is the most comprehensive available and is generally formulated in co-operation with your senior managers to ensure its acceptance by your staff. For example, Viroklenz would seek to place one of our smaller air sanitisers on each desk, continually protecting the air space surrounding the individual. However, we are fully aware that staff members must 'buy in' to this concept. We generally suggest to the local management for this to be introduced on a voluntary basis rather than imposed 'from above'.

The machines are of extremely low power consumption and work continuously and silently to sanitise the air.

You will experience an immediate improvement in the freshness and feel of increased general cleanliness of your premises.

The financial returns to your business in improved attendance, morale and effectiveness of your staff will far outweigh any cost you incur in implementing the Viroklenz service.

Commercial Points

  • No capital outlay
  • Equal monthly payments
  • Service agreements are from 6 months


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