Arising m the Health and Social Care Act of 2008 the Department of Health published its draft consultation document 'Prevention and Control of Infection in Care Homes'.

This demands that owners take all reasonable steps to protect residents and staff from acquiring infections.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) place absolute priority on the procedures in place to combat infection when making their assessment of a care home for registration purposes.

The owner of a care home is responsible under Health & Safety legislation for maintaining an environment which is safe for residents, visitors and staff alike.

Key measures to achieve this include:

  • Thorough periodic sterilisation of the whole premises
  • Sanitisation of surfaces (hard & soft)
  • Prevention of airborne transmission of pathogens
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • New resident induction protocol

The Viroklenz Sanitisation Service is a systematic and cost effective approach to providing these measures

The Service

The Viroklenz infection protection service to Care Homes is the most comprehensive available and is based on:

  • The regular deep sterilisation of the whole premises by bio-fogging
  • The continuous sanitisation of the atmosphere using the Viroklenz patented air sanitising machines
  • The systematic application of the Viroklenz unique biocidal cleansers

Bio-fogging is a well established technique which is perfectly safe. Trained technicians work in co-operation with your matron or manager to ensure that rooms are vacated by residents prior to bio-fogging. Thereafter a room can be re-entered after 45 minutes.

The Viroklenz air sanitisers work continuously and silently to purify the atmosphere. They are strategically located to have optimum effect, generally in areas where residents congregate e.g. social rooms, dining rooms, busy corridors etc. For bathrooms, sluice rooms and WCs, small battery operated versions of the machines are used.

It is usual for Viroklenz also to supply a number of portable air sanitisers for deployment at the discretion of the matron for example at the bedside of a newly arrived resident.

Viroklenz provides full training to your cleaning staff in the use of the Viroklenz dual biocidal cleansers. An initial monthly supply of these is provided and this is further topped up at monthly intervals by our technicians.

During these monthly service visits, our technicians also repeat the bio-fogging of the whole premises and renew the active elements in our air sanitising machines.

We regard record keeping as a very important part of our service regime. We supply a bound service record which is maintained on the premises and in which a service record is signed by our technicians and countersigned by your manager. Such records are vital in demonstrating to inspectors that a comprehensive counter infection regime is in place.

Our service is the most comprehensive protection against infection spread available. In summary it includes:

  • Initial bio-fogging of the whole care home
  • Continuous air sanitisation using our patented air sanitisers
  • The systematic use of our unique dual biocidal cleansers
  • Service visits at monthly intervals to change the active filter elements in our machines, re-fog the premises and top up your supply of biocidal cleansers
  • Full training of your staff
  • Advice to your managers regarding new resident protocols and the discretionary use of our sanitisers
  • Full record keeping

COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND - in the unlikely event of an infectious outbreak, our technicians will attend on an emergency call out basis to carry out the necessary infection control procedure to ensure containment of the outbreak. As a Viroklenz client, this emergency response incurs no additional cost but is free to you within your service agreement price.

Commercial Points

  • No capital outlay
  • Equal monthly payments
  • Service agreements are from 6 months


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